The Horror – Week 2

By: Connor Lenahan Just sitting and writing this article now I am concerned that I will tear my ACL. No, I’m not even moving, but after this past weekend in the NFL how… Continue reading

Patiently Waiting

By: Connor Lenahan Buzzfeed gave me hope today. A lot of hope actually. They reported that Frank Ocean has signed a new manager. You’re probably thinking “why does this matter?” Here’s why: Frank… Continue reading

Everybody Hurts

By: Connor Lenahan I normally write about the NFL on Tuesdays, but this was too insane not to talk about. Everybody got hurt today in the NFL. I mean everyone. Robert Griffin III… Continue reading

The Big Red Goofball

By: Connor Lenahan Last night at the Hollywood Bowl there was a special night of music and performance designed around The Simpsons. If you know me in the slightest, you know I am in… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan Yesterday brought good news. Stevie Wonder, one of the greatest musicians in history, is going on tour. Not any old tour mind you – Stevie is playing his entire 21… Continue reading

Never Forget

9/11/01. A day that will live for the rest of time. Never forget what happened that morning. Never forget the innocent lives lost. Never forget the way it changed our country forever. Never… Continue reading

Apple, Why?

By: Connor Lenahan I am addicted to my iPod. Seriously, the only times I am not wearing my iPod earbuds when I’m outside are when I have forgotten my iPod, it’s out of battery,… Continue reading

Comebacks and Craziness – Week 1

By: Connor Lenahan Nothing, repeat: nothing, went according to plan this week. People did incredible. People did terribly. There was less than no predicting what would happen. Antonio Brown ghetto stomped the Browns… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan I remember this point of my freshman year. It’s given that this is probably easy for me as it was only last fall. Still, I remember it vividly. I remember… Continue reading

The League

By: Connor Lenahan When I was in seventh grade I had a revelation. If I was never going to make the NFL – which would be a long shot as I am a… Continue reading