Happy Fourth of July

  By: Connor Lenahan A happy birthday goes out to the best country in the world today – The United States of America. There’s no where I’d rather be, despite how crazy things… Continue reading

I Survived Duke

By: Connor Lenahan The first stop on this summer’s family vacation brought us to Raleigh, North Carolina, and, out of general interest, the campus of Duke. For those that watch college basketball you… Continue reading

Vacation Time

By: Connor Lenahan Class and work take their toll. Time to get out of Boston for a few days and relax. Spending a holiday and some more with my family without a care… Continue reading

King Curtis: The Bacon Master

  By: Connor Lenahan I’ll come right out and make this simple: this kid Curtis is my soul animal. Holy wow, is this not the most charismatic and incredible child of all time?… Continue reading

The Best Picture Race is Over

By: Connor Lenahan If you weren’t already in the camp that Michael B. Jordan is one of the best actors alive then you need to go and watch¬†Fruitvale Station right now. Okay, now… Continue reading

Bears: The Original Party Animals

By: Connor Lenahan Bears. What’s not to like? Other than the threat of mauling, bears are cuddly and cute looking creatures. After all, Teddy Bears remain the most famous toy of all time… Continue reading

Summer Begins Now

By: Connor Lenahan Finally, we have reached the best part of the summer. That being the part where I don’t have to go to class anymore. That’s right, summer classes are over and… Continue reading

Come Back, Jack, Do It Again

   By: Connor Lenahan Yesterday was awesomely weird. I mean, here I am eating pretzels in my bed watching television while suddenly a kid that I go to school with is being drafted… Continue reading

Love Won

By: Connor Lenahan Today is a day that will live forever in American history. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an amazing day for the United States and proponents of equality all over the… Continue reading

Portland Bound

By: Connor Lenahan All night I’ve been waiting for the location for my buddy Rondae Hollis-Jefferson’s NBA journey and now we know. To my complete and utter joy, Rondae is heading to Portland… Continue reading