Hockey Afternoon In America

By: Connor Lenahan Why must Sundays be the only designated time of the week? Football Night in America is great and all, but I’m stuck here waiting for Sunday to come around for… Continue reading

Unbreakable Podcast: Gianna Fischer – 10/2/15

By: Connor Lenahan Oh it feels good to be back. Last week I got caught up with having to film for my production class on top of some scheduling conflicts with potential guests.… Continue reading

Exploding Kittens

By: Connor Lenahan Today’ post marks the 639th in a row here on Unbreakable and I’m fairly certain it has the weirdest headline of any of those by a country mile. Today we… Continue reading

Serial The Show

   By: Connor Lenahan More Serial in this world is a good thing. The thought of two new seasons coming soon enough makes me happy, but a TV show? Yes, it’s going to happen.… Continue reading

XFL 2015: Where Do We Stand After Week 3

By: Connor Lenahan It’s not every week that a team loses two quarterbacks to injury, trades for a third, and that saving grace third stringer ends up leading the league in scoring. The… Continue reading

Bill Simmons’ HBO Debut

By: Connor Lenahan How in the world did we get through the summer without Bill Simmons? With all the craziness between Deflategate and LeBron almost winning an NBA Title alone, this would have… Continue reading

The Big Short

By: Connor Lenahan Where. The Hell. Did this movie come from? I have a fairly boring life in my free time. For most of it I’m just poking around the internet looking at… Continue reading

Meow the Jewels

By: Connor Lenahan Last year for the release of their second album,┬áRun the Jewels 2, Killer Mike & El-P decided to feature a special preorder for dedicated fans. If you paid tens of… Continue reading

The Splat is Coming

By: Connor Lenahan Isn’t technology the best? I mean, seriously, how could I have spent half of my life without the Internet as it exists now? I was born in 1994, but it… Continue reading

Soccer Night In America

By: Connor Lenahan I may still not know what offsides is, or when it’s called, or frankly any of the other rules for soccer, but it’s an incredible amount of fun to announce.… Continue reading