Makoto Nagano: Ninja Warrior Legend

By: Connor Lenahan American Ninja Warrior is one of the more entertaining competition shows on television today, but it doesn’t have anything on the Japanese show that it’s based on. Sasuke, or Ninja Warrior… Continue reading

I Can Cook Now!

By: Connor Lenahan Earlier this summer I had to teach myself how to cook for the first time. Needless to say it did not go well. I burned grilled cheese the first time… Continue reading

Josh Gordon’s Second Chance

By: Connor Lenahan The NFL announced today that Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has been reinstated into the league after sitting out all but a few possessions of the last two seasons.… Continue reading

The Teams Are Ready…

By: Connor Lenahan Last night came with sad news. Longtime public address announcer for Boston University Hockey Jim Prior passed away. He’s a voice that’s tied to Terrier hockey more than most anyone… Continue reading

Fenway Friends

By: Connor Lenahan Matt Gronsky, Brooke Chapple, and my brother Chase Lenahan were kind enough to come visit and see the Sox play tonight. Boston summers truly are the best.

The NBA Stands Up

By: Connor Lenahan Last night was a landmark moment in American sports and society, as the NBA pulled the 2017 All Star Game from Charlotte, NC and began looking for a new host… Continue reading

Timmy Turner: Maybe Desiigner Is Amazing After All

By: Connor Lenahan Life in 2016 has meant that you have been witness to one of the most addictively catchy and exciting rap songs in history. I speak, of course, of “Panda” by… Continue reading

BU’s Target is Open at Last

By: Connor Lenahan Surprise! Boston University was scheduled to get their own Target right in the middle of the campus beginning on this Sunday, July 24th, but then a beautiful thing happened. Last… Continue reading

Colbert and Stewart Forever

By: Connor Lenahan Is anyone else a little (Read: Very) upset that we don’t get to enjoy the weirdest election in United States history with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert? I mean, sure,… Continue reading

Kim and Kanye: America’s Sweethearts

By: Connor Lenahan The biggest story today that didn’t have to do with the circus that is the RNC is the deathblow to Taylor Swift’s argument against Kanye West over the song “Famous.”… Continue reading