Monthly Archive: August, 2013


By: Connor Lenahan I apologize for the delay in posts; I have had a busy few days. I not only hosted a gigantic fantasy football draft, turned 19, obtained and defeated a vicious… Continue reading

The Best News I’ve Gotten In A Long, Long Time

By: Connor Lenahan Tonight, after 74 days spent in my leg cast, I can thankfully report that I have received the all clear from my doctors to have my cast removed. I’m not… Continue reading

Overreacting To Tom Brady’s Knee

    By: Connor Lenahan Okay, I will admit it; I have an overwhelming man crush on Tom Brady. He is in the running for the best quarterback of all time and takes snaps… Continue reading

My Case For A Little League Career

By: Connor Lenahan Thanks to suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, I have never been able to play for any sports teams, regardless of level of competition. No basketball, no baseball, no football, no nothing.… Continue reading

The New Way of Watching TV

By: Connor Lenahan I have almost abandoned trying to watch television when it actually airs. I follow only a few shows when they are on weekly. I watch The Newsroom, The Simpsons, Family Guy,… Continue reading

I Survived The Zombie Apocalypse Last Night…I Think

By: Connor Lenahan Let me start by saying, you’re going to have to bear with me, because this makes absolutely no sense and I think I know why. We all have memorable dreams,… Continue reading

“Blurred Lines” Should Be Our National Anthem & You Know You Want It

   By: Connor Lenahan This weekend I ended up in New York City for reasons that are still not 100% clear to me. In no way am I complaining, I love New York,… Continue reading

Matt McGloin: Role Model

By: Connor Lenahan Tonight is a special night for my hometown of Scranton, PA. Tonight, our local hero, Matt McGloin will suit up for the Oakland Raiders against the Dallas Cowboys for his… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Dan

By: Connor Lenahan Today is a special day. Today is the birthday of one of the greatest people and biggest rivals in my entire life. My Uncle Dan celebrates a birthday today and… Continue reading

Seven Miles From the Sun, Seven Feet from Adam Levine

By: Connor Lenahan As I write this, I am sitting in a parking lot. I have not been able to use my laptop all day due to travel. This is because I had… Continue reading