Game of the Year


By: Connor Lenahan

            Let’s start at the moral of today’s story and work backwards. Go to tomorrow night’s Boston University basketball game against American University. It’s at 7PM in Agganis Arena and it is far and away the biggest game of the season for the Terriers. Also, it’s a chance to get some revenge.

Earlier this year in Washington DC, American used a scorching hot shooting performance (Read: over 70%) to blow out the Terriers 86-56. This was not a fun night. But it also lit a fire. After this loss the Terriers are 6-1 and playing their best basketball of the season. I remember texting with guys on the team after that game and I could tell they were determined not to let anything like that happen again.

Over the past few weeks we have been collectively watching American. Watching them slowly fade from their spot atop the standings in the Patriot League. They’re currently second in the conference. The top team? BU. Who does BU hope to blow out tomorrow? American.

This is genuinely going to be an incredible basketball game. Their first contest is an anomaly. No team other than the Monstars or the Tune Squad can shoot that high of a clip for a game at any level of basketball, yet American had one of the best shooting performance I’ve ever seen that night. But that’s not happening again. The Terriers aren’t going to let that happen. Their defense has improved since the last game. They have improved on the whole since that game. Add that in with the hunger to push away their biggest nemesis in the chase to win the Patriot League and I predict great things for the Terriers tomorrow.

But that’s not all. There are legitimate stakes here. Should BU win this game it would give them a two game lead in conference play with only a few games left. This would all but confirm BU as the top seed in the Patriot League for the upcoming conference championship tournament. The top seed would play exclusively at home during said tournament. So BU would get to host all challengers in Agganis Arena in its quest to win the league. This is huge. BU has a great home record this season, especially against other Patriot League teams, only losing to Lehigh (and barely at that). So if BU wins tomorrow they are most likely going to have home court advantage for the Patriot League tournament. This help could very well translate into a league championship for the Terriers.

What comes with a league championship victory? A trip to the NCAA Tournament. Yes, that one. March Madness. The one where you pick the brackets. Do I have your attention now? There is a very good chance that the Terriers are heading to March Madness. But they need people to come out and give them a home court advantage tomorrow in what is their biggest game of the season by a mile. Having people there standing and cheering will only help propel the team to another level of play and thus allow for a much sought revenge against American.


Then everything starts to go more and more the way of BU and you very well might see the same giants that you witness ducking under doorways or eating frighteningly large portions of food in the dining hall playing on national television.

So please, come to the game tomorrow. Come see my brothers do what they do best. They love all of you, and they want you there. It’s going to be another special night in what is already a very special year. It’s worth your time, I promise. Sorry if I’m rambling, but I’ve been waiting for tomorrow for a while. Because tomorrow is the night the Terriers make a statement. Tomorrow is the night we end the debates. Tomorrow is the night where we make it clear we are going to the tournament and we are not losing any time soon.

See you there.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a freshman at Boston University, majoring in journalism. He can be contacted at