Monthly Archive: March, 2014

Meeting Gambino

By: Connor Lenahan I had high hopes for last night’s Childish Gambino show and they were entirely blown away. From reading around the internet I had been informed that The Deep Web Tour… Continue reading

Turn The Lights Out

By: Connor Lenahan I’ve been waiting for tonight for months. When Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino released his latest albumĀ Because The Internet last November, it became apparent that he would be touring to… Continue reading

15 Years of Futurama

By: Connor Lenahan Fifteen years ago yesterday Philip J. Fry tipped over his chair and fell into a cryogenic freezing tube. He remained there for the next thousand years, awaking in the year… Continue reading

My Life’s Peak

By: Connor Lenahan 2048 briefly ruined my life. I saw a Buzzfeed article nine days ago about the math puzzle game that was touted as “the most addictive thing on the internet.” Being… Continue reading

My Puppy

By: Connor Lenahan Five years ago today I finally got to hold Candy Bob in my lap for the first time. This lasted for about five seconds before he wriggled free of my… Continue reading

The Only Copy

By: Connor Lenahan I am woefully unfamiliar with the works of the Wu-Tang Clan. I have heard a few of their songs yes, however I have not spent time working through their discography.… Continue reading

America’s Greatest Holiday

By: Connor Lenahan So here I am poking around the world wide web while distracting my friend Ellen Starnes when I come across the picture above. “…What,” I silently ask myself. I tapped… Continue reading

Your New Addiction

By: Connor Lenahan I have an unhealthy obsession with lists. Anytime I see “Top (Insert Number) (Insert Topic)” on a website I am compelled to click on it. I read/watch lists constantly. I… Continue reading

10 Years Later: Confessions

  By: Connor Lenahan That’s right, you’re old. Usher’sĀ Confessions came out ten years ago today. I vividly remember getting my nerdy, third grade groove on to the album. I remember this because now… Continue reading

New Students

  By: Connor Lenahan Earlier this morning Boston University sent out their acceptance notifications to prospective students for the class of 2018. I remember this day last year as being one of the… Continue reading