One More Game


By: Connor Lenahan

Earlier today I sat down to watch my brothers on the BU basketball team take on Army. We had previously beaten Army twice this season, however, both games were nail biters. The first game was an overtime victory and the second was a last second thriller that included a potential game winner for Army coming just after the buzzer. When the game began, even though I am a perpetual optimist, I was terrified. This was one and done. If Army figured out how to finally top us, the season ends. I was convinced the Terriers would win, but I was still freaking out about the chance that the Black Knights would pull it off.

Then the game happened. My big brother, the birthday boy, Maurice Watson Jr. scored ten points to go along with seventeen assists. That wasn’t a typo. SEVENTEEN assists. If there was ever a time to channel Chris Paul and run the floor like a magician, this was the time. Maurice owned it today. Then my boys DJ Irving, Dom Morris, and John Papale had twenty, sixteen, and fourteen respectively. Coming off the bench was the electric Malik Thomas. He drops in another fifteen. Nate Dieudonne and Travis Robinson, as always, battled every kid on the floor, shutting down every Army player. Justin Alston made the entire bench jump and scream due to a dunk, again. By the time our four freshmen, Cedric Hankerson, Braiten Madrigal, Cam Curry, and Dylan Haines, joined the floor with Dylan Brossman, I knew the game was in hand. We won 91-70.

It goes without saying that I was jumping, screaming, and over all going ballistic about the win in my living room. But what came to mind was the reality of our situation.

This upcoming Tuesday, Boston University will play host to American University again. The last time the Eagles came to Agganis Arena, the Terriers won big. If they do the same next week, they’ll go to the NCAA Tournament. We are officially this close. We are forty minutes away from the tournament. I know my family has got this.

So tonight I’m celebrating the huge win, along with sending my birthday wishes to Maurice Watson Jr, one of the greatest people I know. Tomorrow? I’m getting ready. We are doing this. We are heading to the tournament. This is really happening. I love everything. Let’s go Terriers.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a freshman at Boston University, majoring in journalism. He can be contacted at