New Students



By: Connor Lenahan

Earlier this morning Boston University sent out their acceptance notifications to prospective students for the class of 2018. I remember this day last year as being one of the most fun of the year. At least in my experience, the official Facebook group for accepted students was very active among early decision kids. With the addition on literally thousands of new names, it was wonderful. You got countless numbers of people who were all in love with the school and couldn’t wait to get started. As weird as it is, I have made many great friends thanks to the relationships made via that Facebook group.

Today there are thousands of kids who are beginning the exact same thing. It’s cool. It’s also incredibly odd to think that my freshman year is almost over. Someone I know posted “49 days to go” earlier today. Wow. It’s finishing out soon. This is craziness. Soon enough these kids are going to go from Facebook profiles to faces I see on Comm Ave. It’s simultaneously awesome and frightening to think about.

Today was weird. It was a reality check about how soon year one at BU is to being done. Damn, time really does fly when you’re loving your life.

All I know is I’m really excited to get a new crop of students up here. The more people that love BU the merrier. It became real today. There are kids coming soon. I’ve got to get ready for this.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a freshman at Boston University, majoring in journalism. He can be contacted at