My Life’s Peak

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By: Connor Lenahan

2048 briefly ruined my life. I saw a Buzzfeed article nine days ago about the math puzzle game that was touted as “the most addictive thing on the internet.” Being the curious, competitive idiot that I am, I clicked onto the game and began playing. I couldn’t beat it. No matter how hard I tried. The next morning I was playing a few rounds before my psychology class without beating it. I ended up missing that class and playing the game, failing every attempt, for three straight hours. I wasn’t kidding when I said it ruined my life. Every waking moment I had was spent thinking about the game. I’ve noticed my brain slipping recently and trying to swipe together random objects or even people in the hopes that they will combine into something greater. I wish I were kidding. I did start to go psychotic over this game.

Then I beat it. About four minutes ago in fact. And I have never been happier about anything in my life. Kate Upton could call and invite me to a Victoria’s Secret slumber-party-pillow-fight-palooza and it would and could not top the joy I am feeling right now. That said, I’d still like the invite. Hit me up Kate.

This is it. It’s all downhill from here. It’s been a fun ride.

Yes I realize it’s just a computer game, but have you tried beating it? If you have, you know my joy or are angered by the accomplishment. If you have yet to try 2048, click here, and join the insanity bandwagon. There’s plenty of room. We have cookies.

I can finally sleep again. Today is a good day. I love everything. Let’s celebrate.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a freshman at Boston University, majoring in journalism. He can be contacted at