By: Connor Lenahan

As I had written on here two days ago, my laptop is currently undergoing repair. Somehow, I was able to survive the past two days of class without losing my mind. I consider this nothing short of a blessing.

Now I’m sitting in my room, slowly tackling the mountain of now cleaned laundry on my bed that needs to be put away, and it hit me. I really miss my laptop.

We talk a lot about how people in our society are too connected to their technology. We say this is a bad thing. We say we need more face to face communication. We say that we should attempt to lessen the electronic grasp that technology has on us.

I’ll be the first one to take a contrarian stance there. Look at my day to day life for example. Half of my classes are writing intensive. I need my laptop for these two more than anything else. The second half of my schedule includes two classes that revolve around PowerPoint notes. Guess what’s really inconvenient? Trying to pull those up on a phone. I also wrote daily. I can do it off of my phone, and I am right now, but I cannot produce work of the same quality when I’m limited to typing with my right thumb.

Sure, technology has changed our lives, but it’s also ingrained into our culture that it’s necessary to survival. Also, in response to the point about face to face conversation; just because I spend a great deal of my day on my phone and laptop doesn’t immediately mean I’m not social. This is the opposite of the truth. I’m more social than I probably should be.

I’m ranting I know, and this isn’t your fault. Well, maybe it is. I’m not sure yet. I’m going a bit crazy. Don’t mind me. I just want my wonderful rectangular love back in my lap. I’m not asking for all that much. Please?