By: Connor Lenahan

If you follow this blog at all, you’ll know I am throughly obsessed with Boston University basketball. I won’t shut up about it. I refuse to apologize for it either. It’s not just the players that make each game an absolute joy to attend/announce, but everyone working behind the scenes as well. I’m not sure if you’d count performing in front of hundreds of fans “behind the scenes,” but it’s an inarguable fact that the BU Cheer and Dance teams are a large part of what makes BU basketball so wonderful.

Last night I got the pleasure of announcing the “send off” event for both teams. The girls from Cheer and Dance are heading to Daytona Beach, Florida to compete in their respective national tournaments. Two things struck me about this event. One was the anger that I was not given an invite to join these highly talented girls on their beach vacation. Sure, I may have just gotten my scorpion, and I still have difficulties with my full, but I can tumble as well as anyone else (and yes, I actually know what these are). Second, and more importantly, I was taken aback by the professionalism displayed by both teams.

I’ve had the joy of watching both teams all season long during men’s and women’s basketball games and have always been impressed with the routines. The dance team performed their two separate routines last night at the event, both of which I had seen plenty of times, and still managed to leave me speechless. It’s deeper than a simple matter of choreography (which if I am recognizing indicates it’s terrific) but the execution of the dances that are stellar. The dance team kills it every time they take the floor. It’s not shocking to me in the least that they have won a few regional tournaments. They’re breathtaking in person to watch work and are presumably going to wreck house in Daytona as well.

The cheer team started off their performance by running through 45 seconds of basic cheerleading activities. Lifting signs to the crowd, requesting specific chants, the whole shebang. I had assumed they would follow this with the usual routine the team brings out during basketball timeouts. I was sorely mistaken. The cheer team managed to both terrify me and leave me breathless with their acrobatic antics. Justin Alston had commented that he caught my face during the performance and was joyously laughing about the concern on my face and my clear panic every time a girl was tossed in the air. I grew up with some of my closest friends being cheerleaders, so I’m used to seeing basket tosses and whatnot, but to see these girls pulling off flipping corkscrews only to land safely blew my mind. I was not ready for that experience. I’m not sure I’m ready now. Actually, I really want to watch it again.

Both of these teams owned the floor last night. This wasn’t surprising. They always own it. It’s truly a treat to get to watch both the cheer and dance teams night in and night out. They are elements of the game that could very easily be taken for granted. I make sure to always remember what I have seen elsewhere at schools like Lehigh, St. Joe’s, or even UConn, and note that our girls blow them out of the water. It makes the games a delight to watch. It makes the night more fun. I hope they realize how much we enjoy watching them do what they love.

Even though I’m absurdly jealous that the girls will be in the Florida sunshine, I hope they have nothing but success in their quest for gold. Let’s get it girls. After last night, no one can beat you. It’s impossible.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a freshman at Boston University, majoring in journalism. He can be contacted at lenahan@bu.edu