Missing Lacey


By: Connor Lenahan

A few weeks ago, right around the beginning of the NCAA Tournament, I saw a video start to get shared around on Facebook. The video told the story of Michigan State senior center Adreian Payne and a young girl named Lacey Holsworth. Lacey was in the hospital due to complications from cancer when the Michigan State team visited her and her family. Lacey took a liking to Payne and they quickly bonded.

That bond grew into a big brother-little sister relationship between the two. The story of their mutual inspiration and friendship reduced many, including friends, family, and myself, to tears. She was a wonderful girl and obviously changed the lives of not just Payne, but everyone even remotely connected to Spartans basketball.

I was sad when Michigan State lost in the tournament. Even though I am an admitted fan of Shabazz Napier and the UConn Huskies, I wanted nothing more than the perfect moment where Lacey would be in Adreian’s arms as they cut down the nets in Dallas. Unfortunately that moment never came. While it may not have ended how they wished, nothing would change the bond between these two.

Today is a sad day. This morning I woke up to the headline I had been quietly fearing for the entire time since I first heard the story of Lacey and Adreian. Lacey passed away last night. She was eight years old.

We lose too many great people from this world too often. Recently the Boston University community lost one of our own in Diego Fernandez. Today Michigan State lost an angel. So did everyone around the world that was touched by the optimism and otherworldly large heart that Lacey carried with her everywhere she went.

If nothing else, take this as a reminder to never take those close to you for granted. You never know when those that mean the most to you are going to be gone. Always show love. Never hide it. Because life isn’t always fair and takes some of the best and brightest far too soon. It happened with Diego. It happened with Lacey. The world is a lesser place without them.

Rest easy Lacey. You were a blessing to the lives of millions and an angel to this world.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a freshman at Boston University, majoring in journalism. He can be contacted at lenahan@bu.edu