Throwing the Gauntlet


By: Connor Lenahan

Last night while poking around the internet I came across an article from Complex magazine. The very idea that had been raised in the title of the article was unreal. Literally beyond comprehension. Surely it was fake. There’s no possible way that something of that magnitude could actually be true. It was a hoax. It had to have been.

Then everyone started reporting it. It has been all but confirmed. We know it’s real. We know this isn’t a hoax. Or at least we are all believing that it isn’t a hoax.

This summer: Jay & Bey. Touring together.

For real.

I’ll give you a second to recover from fainting.

And we are back. Brace yourself, you’ve had a nasty fall. You know what will make you feel better? The knowledge that you will have the chance to drive to your closest major stadium and see the first family of music, and quite possibly the United States, together on the stage.

The King and Queen are coming. Hova and Sasha Fierce have thrown the gauntlet to reestablish their throne atop the game by joining forces. Does it count as “joining forces” given that they have exchanged marital vows and have birthed Blue Ivy, the most perfect princess the world has ever seen along with Nori West? I say yes. My blog my rules.

What this means is not only will you be able to see Jay slaughter classics like “U Don’t Know,”

or “Big Pimpin,”

or that you’ll see the Queen of the Milky Way Galaxy kill “Partition,”

and “Single Ladies,”

but you’ll see them combine to perform “Crazy in Love,”

and “Drunk in Love.”

So yeah I think it’s fair to say this is going to be amazing. Count me in. Like right now. Can I take the stage? Maybe freestyle a bit? Anything?

This is gonna be a great summer.


Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a freshman at Boston University, majoring in journalism. He can be contacted at