Staying or Going


By: Connor Lenahan

Yesterday afternoon Duke freshman forward Jabari Parker announced his plan to enter into the NBA Draft in 2014. His announcement came on the heels of fellow freshman phenoms Andrew Wiggins, Aaron Gordon, and Joel Embiid’s announcements that they too would be going pro this year.

This was terrific news for NBA teams and fans alike. This draft has been pegged for some time as one of the strongest, from a talent perspective, in NBA history. Teams intentionally threw away their seasons in order to better the odds that they will be able not only to select one of the four names above, but possibly one of the other terrific talents available like Marcus Smart or Dante Exum. This means good news for fans of the worst teams in the league. Soon the Milwaukee Bucks will get to watch Jabari Parker dunk on multiple millionaires a year. The Celtics (hopefully) will watch Andrew Wiggins develop into a true star at the next level. Everyone is a winner.


Recently there have been rumors in the media about my status regarding the NBA Draft. Don’t bother searching for articles, I promise they are out there. Scout’s honor.

I, as narcissistic as it is to say, did indeed put together a terrific freshman year here at Boston University. I didn’t have the most gaudy statistics sure, but that was because I never once played. That’s right, the coaches benched me every single game of the season because unleashing all 5’3″ of dominating talent in my body against opponents would simply be too unfair. They were so terrified of my skills on the hardwood that they wouldn’t even put my name on the official roster. They had to hide me away as their secret weapon.

Yet NBA scouts knew what I was capable of. They saw the Vines and Snapchats from our practices where, miraculously, I would leap out of my wheelchair and routinely dunk on our forwards Dom Morris and Justin Alston. They’ll never admit to it, as they are too embarrassed by the fact they let the rookie own them, but this did happen. Trust me.

Some analysts at ESPN had me towards the top of their boards. Chad Ford at one point had me going to Utah at #5, presumably taking over the offense from Trey Burke.

That’s why I’m here tonight.

After consulting with my family and my friends, I have decided to forgo the NBA Draft for 2014.

Please, hold your questions for the end. I know you are in shock. I will answer any and all questions in just a bit.

My parents and I decided that even though coming back for my sophomore year at BU would mean pushing away millions from an NBA team, not to mention the contract with Nike that included my own signature sneaker, but possibly spending another year off the court as to not lay waste to everyone left in the NCAA. We agreed that I would like to make another run at winning Patriot League Player of the Year, an award I narrowly missed winning, finishing behind only every single player in the league in the voting for. Next year I should be a lock.

We agreed that we want to see if I can pass Pete Maravich as the all time leader in points. I’m only 3,668 points away from breaking his record. Can it be done? I say yes.

But most importantly, I love Boston. I want to stay in this city. Actually, full disclosure, there was no way I’m was going to Orlando to play for the Magic. None

Thank you all for coming tonight and I will now take questions from the audience. Go Terriers.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a freshman at Boston University, majoring in journalism. He can be contacted at