Lazy Day


By: Connor Lenahan

Every Sunday in college has come down to the same routine for me: wake up, do nothing, go to sleep. I have no problems with this game plan whatsoever. After spending much of my week rolling my wheelchair around all of Boston University’s campus and the city of Boston, I ned a day in which I can recharge. Sunday is my lazy day. This is a shared phenomenon with many of my friends. It’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Today, however, was not a day to recharge. Today was a day to prepare. I’ve been building up my strength all weekend for the activities and festivities of tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is Patriot’s Day; Boston’s holiday.

The festivities are centered around the 118th Boston Marathon. I will, along with close to a million others, be making my way to the course to watch the race. I have never experienced Marathon Monday before. What I have been told by every adult that has inhabited Boston during a previous Patriot’s Day is to get ready for one of the most beautiful days the city has to offer. What I’ve been told by every non-freshman I know at BU is to prepare for the craziest on-campus day of the year.

So we have the marathon and the festivities surrounding it. Add in the emotions given the tragedy that struck last year’s race and it’s going to be an incredible sight to see, and an unbelievable event to attend. Then we throw in the glorious chaos of Boston University, which figures to be the most entertaining afternoon in human history. Plus we even have the Red Sox playing at 11AM. Oh, and there’s no school for anyone in the city.

Tomorrow is going to be special. I can’t wait. No one here can. It’s almost like Christmas Eve, except it’s warm, and Easter. I’m remaining lazy for the remainder of the evening. I need to keep my stamina. I’ll need it all tomorrow.

See you bright and early Boston.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a freshman at Boston University, majoring in journalism. He can be contacted at