Stolen Wheelchair

photo1 photo2

Last night I was visiting some friends at 728 Commonwealth Ave. Upon arriving at the dorm, I parked my wheelchair next to the steps outside of the dorm and entered. This was around 9PM. I left to come home around 12:30 AM and the chair was no longer there. This is obviously a problem, as I need the chair to move around campus.

Thankfully the friends I was hanging out with last night walked me back to Warren Towers just a block or so away. When I returned to my floor, I grabbed my backup wheelchair so I could once again walk outside with ease. This chair will allow me to move around campus and the city of Boston, but I need the other wheelchair back.

I am not mad at all. I simply need my chair back. If you have seen the chair pictured above, if you know who has it, or if by chance you have it, please contact me right away by emailing or bringing the chair to the desk at Warren Towers at 700 Commonwealth Ave.

Thank you for your help in finding my chair,

Connor Lenahan