A Great Man


I had written last month about my friend Tessa Barrett and her incredible successes in the world of running. I had made a specific point to note how happy this success made not just me, but everyone from my hometown, because Tessa and her parents are the absolute sweetest people you will ever come across. Every interaction I have ever had with the Barrett family has been incredible. It’s a blessing to have known them for as long as I have.

Today, unfortunately, is a sad day. Mike Barrett, Tessa’s father, passed earlier this afternoon. Mike was an true bright spot to this world. He was a favorite of our household. It’s been a sad day knowing that such a great man has left us. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Barrett family and please if I can do anything, please let me know.

Mr. Barrett, you were a fantastic man, and it was an honor to know you in this life. You raised a wonderful daughter and married a great woman. You made this Earth a better place. Thank you for everything you did to make the lives of many improve.