The Chicken


By: Connor Lenahan

Last night I finished up my freshman season as an announcer for Boston University. Our women’s lacrosse team faced off against Boston College at Nickerson Field and I was on the microphone. It was set to be a fun, beautiful night.

When I walked into Nickerson I was greeted by a few of our BU cheerleaders. They were running a raffle for breast cancer awareness for charity. Not aware that I was set to announce last night, the girls asked if I wanted some raffle tickets. Obviously I said yes. Raffles are an American pastime after all.

I bought enough tickets to enter into every raffle last night. One entry per item. I figured it would be hilarious if I won because I would have to announce my own name for all in attendance and all of west campus to hear.

Early in the second half the winners of the raffles were delivered to us in the booth.


Wait. No. Wait. What.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Of all of the things to win, I got the exact prize I wanted. And yes, I announced my own name, struggling to suppress laughter during it all.

Later in the game this was delivered to me:


This got real. I actually have this coupon in my hands as I type this.

We have a few possibilities:

1. I eat a bunch of chicken.

2. I share with friends.

3. I sell the coupon to the highest bidder.

4. Anything else, I’m open to suggestions.

Of all of the weirdly awesome things to happen to me, and there have been a lot, this might be the funniest because of how sheerly ridiculous it is.

I’m crowdsourcing this. How do we handle this copious amount of chicken? This is the greatest dilemma to have.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a freshman at Boston University, majoring in journalism. He can be contacted at