The Floor


By: Connor Lenahan

It wasn’t until five days after I moved in at Warren Towers that I interacted with anyone from my floor. These were the awkward, infantile stages of Six C, the greatest floor in the history of mankind. One night I made my way into our common room and finally decided to be social. We came to a group agreement with everyone that we would meet in the common room that night to get formally acquainted with the insane people we would be spending the better part of a year living with.

Random conversations, throwback music choices, and a surprise concert by Edo Ohayon turned the night into a classic. Veronica Russell grabbed her Polaroid camera and grabbed the picture above. From early September until tonight that picture hung in the common room as a reminder of the night we all realized the same thing: We are collectively psychotic.

If I had a nickel for every time I thought someone from Six C was a candidate for institutionalization I would sit atop the Forbes 500 with a net worth of infinity dollars. There have been times where I’ve feared for my life and the future of this country based off of some of the things said in that common room. There are stories aplenty that probably can’t be published to protect the identities of the parties involved, but this floor was never once boring.

It was a beautiful ensemble of characters. Personalities clashed, created fake rivalries, formed friendships for life, and confused many. It was endlessly entertaining. We didn’t even get all that far into the school year before Savanna Illinger accidentally gifted me with my favorite picture from college thus far.


I should say what was my favorite photo, as Jack Malafronte won Halloween forever by dressing up as Lt. Dangle from Reno 911.

photo-5 copy

We were a collective group of idiots. People that actively raced wheelchairs down hallways and figured out increasingly odd games to play to pass the time. We bonded over the Red Sox winning the World Series and consistently discussed Game of Thrones. There were floor sing-a-longs to Early-Country-Era Taylor Swift and “Roses” by OutKast on a surprisingly frequent basis.

Even though these people were utterly crazy, they also made for an incredible freshman year. As much as we all tease each other – by which I mean mercilessly taunt one another – the heart to Six C is real and alive. It feels like home. It’s one thing for a group of 40+ teenagers to live in closed quarters without killing everyone, it’s another to become a mass of friends that look out for one another.

I wouldn’t change a thing. I can’t imagine living in a world where I couldn’t walk into the common room to find something fun going on. Everything from fawning over pictures of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (looking at you Katie) to drinking wine in the open on a spring evening. Over everything else it was amazing. It was a joy and a privilege to live with all these wonderful, ridiculous people.

Rembert Browne wrote in his masterpiece Jay Z bracket about “My 1st Song” making sure to put emphasis on the song’s end. Jay is walking off into the sunset at the end of The Black Album so he takes a minute to shout out the people closest to him. “The last 2 minutes of him just shouting people out and telling stories is some of my favorite Jay-Z. There is a good chance my last blog post next May will be me, talking over this beat, shouting out people and telling stories, for 6 hours.” This is always in my head, as “My 1st Song” is one of my favorite pieces of music ever recorded. So, tonight, as the legacy of Six C comes to it’s final hours, I’m following Hov.

Shoutout to Garrison Norton and Mike Ward for being delightful neighbors, great guys, allowing the floor to watch every major sporting event in their room, and consistently spicing up and and all floor drama. Shoutout to Martin Yim for out dressing me every day. Jean cuff game on point. Shoutout to Anthony Belo for being an angel and helpful with any and everything. Shoutout to Jack Malafronte for being the human embodiment of the term “wild card.” Shout out to Patrick McKay for finding me tolerable enough to join me in StuVi2 next year. Shoutout to Gabe Hannawi for coming over every day even though he lived in German House and getting every girl in the world. Shoutout to Brandon DeLeva for looking after everyone on the floor and somehow not breaking the sound barrier despite coming close on more than one occasion. Shoutout to Isaac Dashefsky for introducing me to the Wu Tang Clan and for being head over heels in love with Mike Conley Jr., seriously. Shoutout to Mo Alaghband and Mahmoud Hamza for being the most adorable roommates on the planet and the nicest humans. Shoutout to Alex Mehan for being a legend. Mehan tha god. Shoutout to Wonjae Kim for being an enigma and a ninja. Shoutout to Patrick Allen for being the greatest father the floor could ask for. Shoutout to my spare wheelchair for teaching every person on the floor how to wheelie. Shoutout to Brad Barek for coming back for a second tour of duty in Warren and seemingly never sleeping. Shoutout to Tom Korolyshun for being an incredible immigrant, essentially living on Six C despite sleeping on Rich Ten. Shoutout to Edo Ohayon for being a supremely kind guy and trolling every girl on the floor without fail. Shoutout to Terry Zhou for creating the “Terry (activity)” speech pattern that is sweeping the nation. Terry shoutout. Shoutout to Michael and Kenny, the very friendly hermits. Shoutout to Mariana Rincon for joining me in seeing Don Jon way back when and the inability to hear “Obamacare” without laughing. Shoutout to Katie DeMouth for being the first one on the floor to ask me things about my bone condition in detail, still one of my favorite nights at Boston University. Shoutout to Mia Soerli for not yelling at me when I almost ran her over with my wheelchair. Shoutout to Susana Pastrana for being a sweetheart and allowing me to corrupt your brain constantly. Shoutout to Jessica Pease for joining me in scores of outlandish shenanigans and helping me corrupt Susana. Shoutout to Ally Hunter for representing the midwest, go Packers, and being a fellow pop culture nerd. Shoutout to Isa Franco and Sophie Rodriguez for not freezing this winter in the Boston cold despite coming from South America. Shoutout to Jess Rizk for celebrating her 17th birthday last fall, reminding me that I’m really old, and being fantastically nice. Shoutout to Claire Rosenberg for agreeing with me that Yeezus is a work of art. Shoutout to Alexa Vazquez and Priya Dadlani for bringing the sass like nobody’s business day in and day out. Related: Shoutout Mama Dadlani for being a fan of Unbreakable. Shoutout to Veronica Russell for helping me on more than one occasion when I needed to bounce my brain off someone and for being the most sarcastic human alive. Shoutout to Savanna Illinger for giving me one of, if not the, best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received, a work I will have in every bedroom I live in for the rest of my life. Shoutout to Emily Tsai for making me miss Los Angeles and In-N-Out burger every time we interacted at all. Shoutout to Michelle Chan for yelling at me for how I announce lacrosse despite never attending our games. Shoutout to Jess D’Annibale for being a national champion dancer for BU. Six C is a home to excellence. Last, but not least, shoutout to Sean Gunning for being the best RA a floor could ever want. A truly great guy.

It’s sad to leave, but it had to happen eventually. We might not be steps away from each other any more after this week, but Six C will live on forever.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a freshman at Boston University, majoring in journalism. He can be contacted at