Time Pieces


By: Connor Lenahan

There’s beauty in simplicity. This is a truth of the universe. The most amazing sights to human eyes are not those that are overly complex. Ask a common person about the true definition of beauty and they will say two black circles with a white one inside. If they chose not to answer with the description of an Oreo above then they should have.


Yesterday after I finished with work for the day I took a walk. I ventured down to the south end of Boston on the recommendation of Bodega. There’s a small vintage clothing store called Bobby from Boston tucked away. It looked from my precursory Google search like a place that my dad and I would go crazy over. Seeing as my dad was working in Scranton, PA, I had to make the pilgrimage over solo.

I walked into the store with something in mind. I had a quest. I wanted to head back to their collection of vintage watches.

I love simple watches. Even as a fan of Kanye West and Jay Z I cannot come to an agreement with them on wrist wear. While they go for the lavish creations of Hublot, I’d much rather something less busy.


That’s why I purchased the watch above. I found it back in a china cabinet. It’s from the 1960s. Silver on silver. Nothing overly fancy. Exactly what I wanted.

Not only is it simple and beautiful, but it’s a testament to time. The watch that sits on my wrist is older than me by thirty years. It still runs. That’s incredible.

This watch has actually been on this earth for fifty years and still works. Saying it’s built to last is an understatement. It’s lived through major changes in the world while staying constant. Tick tock. Every second. Every day. Every year. Every decade.

I could tell as soon as I put it on my wrist that it had to be mine. Superficially it’s gorgeous – in far too good condition for something this old. Further than that it oddly fits with my entire vibe for life. No matter what happens this watch keeps running. No matter what happens to me I keep going. I didn’t think my kindred spirit would be a Bulova watch, yet weirder things have happened.

This watch isn’t just a tangible piece that proves it’s possible to survive through anything, but a reminder for everything I do. Simple is beautiful. I don’t need to try and be someone I’m not when I’m writing. I can just be my goofy self and produce something I love.

So I guess you can say I found a true treasure yesterday.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in journalism.