By: Connor Lenahan

My parents are incredible, kind, highly intelligent people. That’s why I’m astonished they’d make as large of an error as they did this week. They decided to sign off on my younger brothers Chase and Cary making the trip up to Boston to spend a few days with me. This is, without question, a Hindenburg-esque mistake.

How can I prove it? When preparing for their arrival I asked Chase and Cary what they would like for me to have in my fridge for their arrival. I set out lost in hand to my grocery store last night. I returned with Swiss Rolls and Sunny D. No part of that is a joke.

This trip is a small senior week for the recently graduated Chase who finished his run at Abington Heights this past Monday. Cary? He was just bored.

Now we have set off into the city for the next few days to explore. It’s normal for me to do this, well, daily, but Chase and Cary are almost never in town. Now I get to show them my life up here. What better way to do it than Chipotle tacos and shopping?

In all honesty I’m elated to have them up here and staying with me for a few days. It takes away one of if not the hardest parts about being away from home over the summer – not being around my family. Now I get to see my brothers and in a few days my parents and close friends from home. It’s all too perfect.

But for now, in Boston, it’s pure debauchery. Just how I like it.