Rhett’s Night Out

By: Connor Lenahan

Now that basketball season is over I need a new area to focus my scary levels of excitement. Almost perfectly, cue Rhett’s Night Out.

For those that have been indoctrinated to Boston University they will remember this as being the best part of orientation. For those unaware, here’s a simple synopsis: Craziness.

The summer staff of BU puts on activities ranging from finger painting to “Club Rhett” – a full fledged dance party. Nothing can quite introduce you to your fellow classmates like a rave. It’s way more fun than anyone could ever imagine, and this is coming from a man who can’t dance whatsoever.

Since I am a part of this summer staff I get to put on Rhett’s Night Out. It gets me far more excited than conventional wisdom would suggest. Getting to let the incoming freshmen let loose after a day filled with information sessions is actually quite entertaining.

A few minutes ago I walked to the GSU to get ready for tonight’s Rhett’s Night. I listened to Meek Mill, a man with two volumes: screaming and not currently screaming (silent), to get hyped for activities. Lots and lots of activities.

Are you ready for some fun? The three Red Bulls and pound of Skittles in my bloodstream say I am. TO THE EXTREME. RAHHH. ACTIVITIES.

I need sleep.