German Aggression


By: Connor Lenahan

Due to the time change between Boston/Brazil and London, the scheduled kickoff for the World Cup semifinal tonight between Brazil and Germany was slated for 9PM my time. I, unfortunately, would be unable to watch it, as I had a dinner reservation with my family.

I was disappointed, as this game was sure to be terrific. Sure, the loss of Neymar for Brazil more or less extinguished their hopes of taking home a sixth World Cup victory, but nevertheless they were still a highly talented team. Unfortunately I would miss what was certainly an epic match.

Then I got the text.

“Miroslav Klose sets World Cup record with his 16th goal, 1 of 4 goals for Germany in first half vs. Brazil.”

Oh so Germany is leading wait what did that just say four goals? Yeah wait that said four goals.

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief at the score. Four goals?? Germany was operating like a machine but still this was unbelievable. A short while later my brothers and dad returned to our table to inform me that lead had ballooned to five goals by the halftime mark.

An hour later I was informed that the German National Team had won 7-1, not all that long after one of my brothers jokingly commented that they were “probably winning by seven.”

I missed it all. I’m stunned and confused. What the hell just happened? How did I completely miss the biggest beat down in a World Cup semifinal ever? Further, how did it happen at all?

I need answers. This is mind blowing.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in journalism.