Buy The Ticket

By: Connor Lenahan

Two days ago I wrote about characters. I wrote about how my favorite part about movies were the characters rather than the story being told. I am always fascinated by intriguing characters.

“Go watch the Night Crawler trailer.” That’s a text I got this morning from my younger brother Chase. He knows of my absurd love of movie trailers and my propensity to watch them for two and a half hours at a time. Having read the title Nightcrawler in the news about a day earlier I decided to check it out.

Chase could have easily sold me with the description of the movie that I will give now: dark, intense, crime film, starring Jake Gyllenhall. I am an unabashed fan of Gyllenhall ever since I saw him in Zodiac a few years ago. Within reason, you could convince me to see anything he is in, especially after he turned Prisoners into one of my favorite films of 2013.

So when I watched the trailer above and saw how what appeared to be a well meaning man started to become slightly unhinged and a tad bit crazy, especially with his wide eyes coming through the screen, staring into your soul blankly, I knew that I would have a ticket opening night for Nightcrawler. This looks like a movie that is more than up my alley. I am all in on this movie.

I’m also all in on what appears to be a growing trend for this fall. With Nightcrawler, my list of anticipated movies is now topped by three names. It joins David Fincher’s Gone Girl and Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher as two that I will skip a full day of class and/or work to see the opening day. All three of these films not only look visually stunning from the trailer (it may be a stretch to call Foxcatcher stunning given it looks permanently overcast, but I happen to like that effect) but appear to be dark stories. All three revolve around murder or crimes. This just so happens to be my favorite type of movie to watch. So it appears as though we may be heading for an Oscar race cater made for my tastes.

Thank you Hollywood, that was sweet of you to do.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in journalism.