Wonderful Everyday

By: Connor Lenahan

Back in early June at Governor’s Ball I was able to see Chance The Rapper live. While he absolutely killed it on every song, the pinnacle of the set was his rendition of “Wonderful Everyday,” the theme song to Arthur. In the moment it was a beautiful, uplifting message delivered with sincerity. “Believe in yourself,” was the motto. It made you want to live. I felt like anything was possible with the Chicago native behind me.

The only problem – seriously, the singular problem – with the song was that there was no formal recording of it available. Only cell phone videos, like the one above, existed from live sets.

Then the other night Chance finally gifted the world with his song of positivity.

This has just put a lock on being the song for the remainder of my summer. It has to be. If you aren’t moved by listening then you need to listen again. If you still aren’t moved then there is something wrong with you. Because you cannot recognize that every day could be wonderful.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in journalism.