By: Connor Lenahan

Any time I watch a video that makes me laugh hysterically into a pillow and punch my bed I need to share it. When I find it on Gawker I know it’s got to be hilarious. When I see the Newswatch 16 logo, my home news station, I lose my mind.

Noah Ritter is the single greatest thing on the planet right now. I’ve watched this clip all afternoon and every single time I die laughing. It’s semi-frightening how much he reminds me of adults from my home town.

I’m not even sure I have words. This is too funny. He’s flawless. Apparently he’s never been on live television before. Apparently I have been crying tears of joy and throwing haymakers into memory foam for a few hours because he is an American hero. If this doesn’t make your day then apparently you need to ride the super slide. Warning, it’ll scare you half to death.

Can I adopt this kid?

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in journalism.