By: Connor Lenahan

News broke earlier today about a conversation being held in the front office of the Philadelphia Eagles. It is a conversation that millions, including myself, have been hoping would happen for quite some time. The topic of said discussion is the possibility of swapping the current team uniform for the previous, vastly superior kelly green jerseys which are better in every single way.


The Eagles still wear them on occasion. You know what everyone says when they do? “Those are awesome.” You know why they say it? Because they are awesome.

There is a real chance that the Eagles could take a step in the right direction and move from the “futuristic, modern” jerseys they wear now back to the classics. If they did it, they may inspire some other long overdue changes as well.

For example, the San Diego Chargers currently have a heavily detailed jersey featuring line on line of color change.


But is anyone really opposing moving back to the powder blue, simplistic tops worn by LaDainian Tomlinson?


Everyone is in favor of this right?

Or what about with the Patriots? Currently their jerseys aren’t half bad. Certainly eye catching and a look designed for the 2000s that has aged well.


But it hasn’t aged nearly as well as the uber-patriotic masterpiece that is their throwback jersey.


It’s no contest. You switch back to the red and the Pat Patriot logo ten times out of five. And that still is not the biggest missed opportunity jersey wise in the league. That (dis)honor falls upon the St. Louis Rams, who wear their navy and gold jerseys regularly.

Baltimore Ravens v St. Louis Rams

While blatantly ignoring what is possibly the best jersey in the league in their blue and yellow kits.


Look I’m not asking for all that much. These jerseys exist. I have proof – all of these photos date back just a few seasons with the Tomlinson one ranking oldest coming from 2006ish. It’s not like it would be impossible to switch. The Seahawks did it. So did the Broncos. Just make the change. Everyone comes out happy. You sell new jerseys, we buy them. Everyone wins.

Seriously, who says no?

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in journalism.