By: Connor Lenahan

I am a believer in coincidences. Weird forces of the universe happen to influence what goes on in the world. I have proof. Trust me.

Recently I have been binge watching Entourage for what has to be my fifth time through the show. I love it, no shame. I just recently passed the early portion of the show where the lead, Vincent Chase, played by Adrian Grenier, has become the biggest movie star in the fictional world.

All while this is happening I stumble across news online. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that there are two separate scripts in the works for an Aquaman movie. Seriously, there is really going to be an Aquaman movie.

What infuriated me to no end was the reported casting. Someone named Jason Momoa who is apparently on Game of Thrones is going to be playing the part of the sea’s defender.

This cannot stand. If Aquaman is going to happen, it’s going to happen right.


That’s right. James Cameron at the helm. Mandy Moore working for once as Aquagirl. Best of all, Vinny Chase himself as Aquaman. Not Adrian Grenier, but Vincent Chase, the movie star we deserve and the movie star we need. It already eclipsed $116 Million the first time it was released in 2006. And tell me you didn’t think the sneak preview of the finished product looked kind of great.

I’m personally in on this movie. Everyone should be. Cameron. Moore. Chase. Fish. Aquaman. Let’s do this. I’ll call Ari.