Welcome to Sophomore Year


By: Connor Lenahan

It feels good to be home. Finally tonight the suite which will house not just myself, but my friends Pat McKay, David Zuckerman, George Karam, Joshua Jacobson, Jonathan Caflun, Arie Orchanian, and Wagner Tong, is at full strength. Immediately this looks to be a great year.

Not just in the suite, but around campus, things are coming alive. After spending a full summer here with almost no one on campus it is the most beautiful thing in the world to see people flooding the streets of Boston yet again. Sure they could learn how to walk properly, but I’m too happy about the sheer fact that my friends are back to really mind it all that much.

I was blessed with an incredible freshman year and similarly blessed to make many incredible friends. Sophomore year appears to be heading in the same direction, if not even better.

It’s good to be home.