Computer Problems

By: Connor Lenahan

The timing is eerie. Just a few short days after the massive leak of intimate pictures from celebrities ranging from Jennifer Lawrence to Kate Upton and beyond, I happen to be having internet troubles as well.

One mistaken click is all you need. I’m not sure how I did it, but I did it. Now Safari is going crazy on me. Pop ups and ads like nobody’s business. Jennifer Lawrence probably doesn’t feel my pain, as her naughty bits have been on display for days, but she should. Just saying.

If this were to happen, the timing couldn’t have been better. I’ve got a phone that can do almost everything. It’s the beginning of the school year, so my need to write papers is at an all time low. Plus it’s not as if other computers don’t exist. There are a few on two separate floors of the building I’m living in. I’ll be fine.

What always frustrates me when having to repair my laptop is the threat that I won’t be able to post on here that day. Again, thanks to my phone, this is not a giant worry. I have been able to keep this streak alive for all of 2014 through challenges like school, broken chargers, international travel, and slow news days. This isn’t stopping any time soon.

That’s the point of Unbreakable. With everything I do in life I try to show that any obstacle will not be the end of me. A broken femur couldn’t do it. Hell, four of them couldn’t. It’s not as if they didn’t try either. This blog is no different. It’s a representation of the ability to keep going day after day no matter what.

So again I’m going to be handcuffed. And again I’m not going to be stopped. The world keeps spinning. Everyone remains happy, and I get my laptop fixed. I’m Unbreakable, and so is this. This is but a flesh would. I’m not stopping.