Welcome Back

By: Connor Lenahan

I’m pathetic. To many of you this is not a new revelation. To some others it will be a shock. This is indeed true. I am, in fact, pathetic.

Self deprecating humor aside I really am pathetic. Thanks to the Labor Day holiday this past Monday the first week of school for Boston University lasted just four days. Because of it being the first week I didn’t even have to attend my singular Thursday class as no lab was being held. I had a three day school week. Know what happened? I’m exhausted.

I don’t have an overwhelming schedule. In fact in comparison with just about all of my friends that are not in the COM program I have a breeze of a schedule. My most demanding task is announcing sports – a task that allows me to be paid to watch and interact with division one college athletics. My life is not exactly a hard one.

However, like everyone I know, getting readjusted to waking up to actually do something is quite difficult. Every morning I must not only be awake but bilingual as my mornings start with Spanish four times a week. This isn’t necessarily hard, but after sleeping in until 10:30 for three straight weeks it isn’t exactly a cake walk.

Throw in the fact that someone pissed off God and made the heat in Boston rest somewhere north of 85 for this entire week with enough humidity to maintain the life of a beached whale and you have a draining experience in a walking city.

I complain, yes, but it’s done with reason. I have sweat through more clothes than I’d like to admit. I have cursed everyone that has prevented me from resting in my pillow palace of a bed all day under my breath. I have actually had to do things.

And you know what? It’s great. Bring on week two.

Welcome back.