By: Connor Lenahan

We are approaching my happy time. Not only is the NFL returning tomorrow (and more on this tomorrow morning), but my favorite activity is returning tomorrow night. I will be behind the mic for the first time in months tomorrow night. That’s right, the beginning of my sophomore year of announcing, and my fourth overall, begins tomorrow.

What’s announcing without some challenges. Tomorrow will be the first time I will have to announce for soccer ever. While I have zero experience I could not be more excited. Why? Because it is actually required of me to scream “GOALLLLLLLLLLL” into a live microphone. I have wanted to do that for my entire life. Tomorrow that dream comes true.

The terrifying part is having to figure out names. This is hard enough for basketball announcing. American names are difficult but soccer names are a different animal. By comparison American names are like a golden retriever. Foreign names are like a grizzly bear holding a shotgun.

Tomorrow I will have to announce names like David Asbjornsson, Kelvin Madzongwe, and Bjarki Benediktsson. There is a great chance that before the game kicks off I will be sitting in a corner, crying, and asking for my mommy.

Realistically, I could not be any more excited. Getting to announce really is the most fun thing. It’s even better to add a new sport to my resume. I now have experience at soccer, swimming, lacrosse, hockey, and basketball. I am a multi-sport athlete. Really, Bo Jackson and I are the same person.

Tomorrow is even more exciting as it will be the Terrier Tailgate. I’m blessed to take the mic during a straight up party. I get to eat free food in the booth. I get to give away prizes on the mic. I get to invite all of my friends into the awesome world that is athletics at BU. For my freshmen friends, this will be their first exposure to sports on campus. There’s gonna be no better way to introduce them. Mainly because I’m announcing, but the Tailgate festivities are fun too.

All kidding aside, tomorrow is going to be amazing. I will never step foot on court or field thanks to the bone condition. Announcing is as close as I will ever get. Every single time I get behind that microphone I have the same excited butterflies. I get hyped up. This is a dream coming true every single time. How could I not be elated? Tomorrow it all happens again. So catch me with a smile on all weekend long.