The Captain

New York Yankees player Jeter celebrates as he holds the World Series trophy with teammates in New YorK

By: Connor Lenahan

Derek Jeter is my favorite athlete of all time. This isn’t a discussion. There isn’t a second place. There’s Jeter and then everyone else.

I wasn’t raised a religion, I was raised a Derek Jeter fan. That isn’t a joke in the slightest. I look up to Derek like a father, despite the fact he is not. The fact he is not is further proof that life is one cruel joke. That said, Jeter is still the best so it’s alright.

The days are quickly evaporating on Jeter’s career. He announced months ago that this was his final season. I got to see him play one last time in August. Now in the closing days of September one of the most incredible careers in baseball history, both from a statistical and impactful standpoint, will end.

I’ve accepted this. I’ve prepared emotionally for life without Jeter. Or so I thought. Then Gatorade had to come out with this ad:

No they couldn’t just put videos of Jeter interacting with New Yorkers that adore him together. No they just had to score the thing with Frank Sinatra. “New York, New York”? Hell no, that would be too easy. No they went for “My Way” and had me almost weeping in Dan Mercurio’s office at BU Athletics the first time I saw it. Great – now I’m sobbing. Don’t go Derek… don’t go.

I need you. You complete me. You had me at hello. I love you. Love means never having to say you’re sorry. I’m a mess. I’m gonna go now.