Sick, Sick, Sick


By: Connor Lenahan

Every new school year. Every. Single. New. School. Year. Right as everyone who has had time to spend in different locales gets back together seemingly every one gets sick. No, not just a few people. No, not just people with historically bad immune systems. Literally everyone in the vicinity of whatever school you go to will be affected. Boston University is no different. Every friend I have here has either been sick, is sick, or will soon be sick, since the school yeah began on September 2nd. I am no exception. I woke up this morning without feeling congested or having my throat feel as though I had been choked mercilessly. This is the healthiest I have felt in weeks. I’m not really kidding when I say that I don’t entirely remember what it’s like to go about my day when I’m not in a combined haze of a head cold and stress from school. Removing half that equation made today feel like it was Christmas and possibly my birthday all at once.

It’s not one sick person coming to school. Not at all. It’s the combination of germs from across the world that team up like some sort of anti-Justice League to make everyone’s lives a living hell. People are dropping like flies out there. Every single day is another fight for some sense of normalcy. Recently I decided to quit waiting on the cold to stop and instead threw the equivalent of an atom bomb at my body. I ingested Tylenol Sinus like it was clock work. I ate Halls cough drops at the same speed I eat M&Ms. I thankfully got sleep last night. My body finally reacted. The war is now over. Our boys are coming home. We ave defeated the Germans, er, head cold.

If you are sick/near sick I highly suggest you do the same. Together we can end the madness. Together we can stop wiping out the campus wide supplies of hand sanitizer and tissues. Together we can rebuild. We can beat this cold. Nothing can stop us.

Except for a cold.

Isn’t being sick the worst? Why don’t we all just take next week off. We all can regroup, rehydrate, and heal. Then we come back fresh as daises. We all good on this? Perfect.

See you in class on Monday, October 6th.