Monthly Archive: October, 2014

Spooking My Childhood Self

By: Connor Lenahan Halloween calls for celebrating the things that scare you most. For me I am not scared of all that much save for bees and falling. But there is no fun… Continue reading

Let’s Paintball

By: Connor Lenahan Yesterday’s lecture for my “History of Television” class brought about the greatest homework I have ever been given in my lifetime of schooling. I was asked to watch Communty‘s trio of… Continue reading

Basketball Christmas

By: Connor Lenahan Much like the NFL there is a night where the league schedule technically begins. This would be the first Thursday Night Football game for the NFL or last night’s “opening night”… Continue reading

The Dark Horse – Week 8

By: Connor Lenahan Last week was insane. We had teams and players explode for crazy amounts of points. The Minnesota Buzzsaws managed to put up a historically great game scoring 2335 points. Ben… Continue reading

Let’s Beat Cancer

By: Connor Lenahan It’s the word we all never want to hear. “Cancer.” Not a single person on the planet looks forward to hearing those six letters spill out of the mouth of… Continue reading

RIP Taveras

By: Connor Lenahan Dammit. What else is there to say right now? Dammit. Oscar Taveras was the top prospect for the St. Louis Cardinals. He was a potential MVP candidate that would be… Continue reading

Childhood Returned

By: Connor Lenahan I’m not sure that an impulse purchase has ever made me happier than the one I made today. It wasn’t really an impulse as much as a calculated choice to… Continue reading

Run The Jewels

By: Connor Lenahan 2013 brought the world the beautiful debut mixtape Run The Jewels by Run The Jewels, the combined powers of Killer Mike and EL-P. This tape was a short experience – 10… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan There are those (read: Me) who look at the upcoming slate of films to be released in the next calendar year and see some reasons to be excited. Whether it… Continue reading

The Holy Grail of Binge Watching

By: Connor Lenahan It’s finally here. After waiting close to a year for this the world has been gifted with the greatest app/website ever. allows those with cable provider log ins to… Continue reading