By: Connor Lenahan

There are those (read: Me) who look at the upcoming slate of films to be released in the next calendar year and see some reasons to be excited. Whether it is clearly deserved optimism – Interstellar has nothing but positive reviews from all those that have seen it – or undeserved, there are interesting candidates out there. It does not take too long in looking at the schedule of what’s to come for one’s eye to find the sequel to 2012’s The Avengers from Marvel. The Avengers  sits today as the third highest grossing movie in history. We are talking a ten digit number in total gross. Therefore, the thought that the sequel, the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron could exceed the gross of the first one is not out of the question. This is all based on logic. Then the first official trailer for the film came online yesterday night.

The clear takeaway is that Ultron, voiced by the terrific James Spader, is going to be exceedingly fun to watch. Tom Hiddelston’s Loki was terrific in the first installment, don’t get me wrong, but Ultron appears to be an entirely separate breed of evil. This is the difference between a regular exam an a final. Loki was taken down after a good effort by everyone who teamed together to (study) defeat the evil (exam) in front of them. Ultron is a final that will leave all those challenging it in tears and possibly near death. Nothing is safe. Ultron is microeconomics. He cannot be defeated. Also Iron Man and Hulk fight. And the Captain America shield is broken. And Thor appears angry. This movie is going to make infinity dollars. I do not have a problem with this at all. I will be there for a midnight screening. When can I buy my tickets?