Basketball Christmas


By: Connor Lenahan

Much like the NFL there is a night where the league schedule technically begins. This would be the first Thursday Night Football game for the NFL or last night’s “opening night” for the NBA with three games being played. Not a single person I know things of these as the return of the sport. These people and I agree that the league is only truly back when full slates of games are being played. Not just a select few teams playing – all of them. Tonight has a nearly full slate of games for the league and I couldn’t be more excited. Basketball is back in full force in just a few hours. This projects to be one of the most entertaining seasons in league history for myriad reasons. In reality this season was going to be amazing simply because of LeBron James’ return to Cleveland. But factor in things like “Defending Champion” Tim Duncan, or Anthony Davis breakout potential, or lone wolf Russell Westbrook, or Kobe potentially killing every other member of his team now that Julius Randle is out, or watching Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins, or the Hornets coming back, or a possible title for the Clippers, or Melo with Phil Jackson, or Steph Curry being a monster from three – and the list continues. The world is a better place with the NBA in it. We are finally back to it. Welcome to Basketball Christmas.