Monthly Archive: October, 2014

Up For Grabs – Week 7

By: Connor Lenahan In seasons past of the XFL there would be a clear disparity by now. There would be the people that were clearly the best in the league and then the… Continue reading

Return of the Shell

By: Connor Lenahan It had been far too long since my life was blessed with the presence of the cutest little shell being in existence. Then I got the glorious news today that… Continue reading

The Greatest Commercial Ever

By: Connor Lenahan It has recently come to my attention thanks to the glory that is the internet that Costco will soon be selling enormous teddy bears to the public. How enormous you… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan “I think you’re becoming a hockey fan” is what my brother Chase said to me tonight. I did not disagree. I was texting him from the inside of Agganis Arena… Continue reading

When Will Smith Became Will Smith

By: Connor Lenahan Even now, in 2014, Will Smith is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. True his recent quality of movies has dipped – his last release, After Earth, was… Continue reading

Down With Gourds

By: Connor Lenahan Let’s just go ahead and say it – Last Week Tonight might be the best thing on TV right now. Every single week it turns in something wholly original and hysterical.… Continue reading

The Host

By: Connor Lenahan I hadn’t even begun to think about who would be a good Oscar host yet. We only just got back into “Oscar Season” with the October 3rd release of Gone Girl.… Continue reading

All In – Week 6

By: Connor Lenahan I was the one who offered the trade. I was the one who put it through. I’m the one who feels sick to his stomach over it. For this first… Continue reading

Target’s Coming

By: Connor Lenahan Pictured above is one of my favorite parts of my hometown – Target. In some ways having a store like Target high on my list of “Great Features of Waverly/Clarks… Continue reading

Opening Credits

By: Connor Lenahan I know almost nothing about The Affair. I know that it stars Dominic West (The Wire), Ruth Wilson (Saving Mr. Banks), Maura Tierney (ER), and Joshua Jackson (Fringe) and that’s about… Continue reading