By: Connor Lenahan

Since yesterday afternoon I have had to do the following: Post two articles (including the one you are reading), attend my 9-10AM Spanish class, study for a midterm in my Atmosphere class, take said midterm, run a mile and a half to and from a meeting on the opposite end of campus, go on a twenty minute rant about television pilots and finales in a discussion section, write a script for my Screenwriting class, answer questions about The Godfather for the same class, attend a two hour discussion for the same class, and work for two hours until the time I am typing this. To say I am exhausted – mentally and physically – is a gross understatement.

Tomorrow brings the beauty in my schedule. I do not work Saturdays in any capacity. I could sleep in until noon tomorrow. No one could call me on it. I fully dedicate my day tomorrow to seeing Interstellar in theaters. There’s a great chance that Interstellar will not be the only movie I see tomorrow. Big Hero 6 is also a likelihood. Hell I might swing by to see Birdman if I can. It doesn’t matter what I see just that I get to see them.

Given many of my physical difficulties I need to rest more often than others I know. Otherwise I risk injury from trying to do too much. That’s why I have adopted a work ethic that lets me grind all week long but come the weekend stop entirely. I need to recharge batteries. I need to rest my muscles. I need to relax.

Tomorrow I will be largely left alone. With this in mind you could very well convince me it is Christmas on November 8th. I love people, do not get me wrong, but I love sleep as well. Tomorrow my bed gets the loving attention it so rightfully deserves. And if you need me for anything, I’ll call you Monday.