Kick Ball Champs


By: Connor Lenahan

I have a few friends on our Boston University Women’s Soccer team. By all accounts they are kind, talented, crazy people – the exact sort that I like to spend time with. The only way I survived a microeconomics semester earlier this year was by goofing around with my friend Ellen Starnes, a sophomore defender, in the lecture hall. I had run into Ellen the other day on my way to buy ice cream and we quickly discussed the chances the team had at winning the Patriot League title a few days into the future. I told Ellen to share my wish of good luck with everyone as they headed to Colgate. Today I can report that thanks to my good luck wish our Women’s team won the Patriot League title for the second time in a row. Yes, I was the catalyst for another journey to the NCAA tournament and you cannot prove me wrong.

In all seriousness this speaks to how impressive my friends are. While friends of mine like Ellen, sophomore goalie Bridget Conway, and sophomore defender Rachel Bloznalis, are out winning titles and heading to the NCAA tournament, I am eating jars of Nutella at a time in my bed while watching YouTube videos of puppies. I think there’s an argument to be made about which group here is doing better work, but I suspect that many would give the edge to the former. Now this weekend the girls will begin a quest towards a potential national championship while I sleep until noon. Should I wake before the day has already half passed, I will walk across the street and shout my head off for the terrific people on the team. You should too. It’s not often you get to see one of the best, most likable teams in the country do what they do on the grandest stage of them all.