Relaxation Time


By: Connor Lenahan

I like to be busy. After a while with nothing to do I find ways to make myself busy – like when I started Unbreakable last year. I just need to be doing something. Anything really. Thankfully, after a summer filled with (and I didn’t think this was possible) too much free time, I am sitting in the midst of possibly the busiest school year of my life. I’m currently working two separate jobs, writing the blog daily, and going to class. A social life works its way in there somehow, along with sleep. I love everything I am doing – except for my science class. I just look forward and realize what is ahead. Basketball beings this week, meaning I will be at a game almost every Wednesday and Saturday until next spring. This is incredibly exciting and terrifying given that I was busy before this was reality.

I will be entirely fine to do this for the second half of the school year and the closing stretch of the first half. That won’t be concerning. I just need a few days to relax. A day or two off to do nothing. Absolutely nothing – no travel, no work, nada.

So basically I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for snow. Any time now is fine with me. I don’t need much, just a little recharge. Is that too much to ask?