Thug Notes


By: Connor Lenahan

Despite writing every day I am still relatively terrible with regards to breaking down books. In high school my senior year English class, in which we needed to break down everything from Beowulf to Macbeth and Hamlet, gave me as much if not more trouble than calculus. This was not the fault of my teacher. On the contrary, Barbra Kelleher remains one of my favorite people alive, it’s simply that literary analysis falls in the same category as jumping for me – not a strength.

That’s why I love Thug Notes. Thug Notes is a YouTube series that breaks down famous works into both summaries and analysis. While SparkNotes does the same thing they do it seriously. Thug Notes, meanwhile, is laugh out loud hilarious. Seriously, watch the break down of To Kill a Mockingbird below.

I love this. Everything about that video is hilarious. More importantly, it is all accurate as well. It’s been a while since I have needed to break down a book, but given that I’m far too busy to go and crank out full books at a time, this is a good way to up my knowledge game with only a few minutes used. I advise you to do the same.