Power Up


By: Connor Lenahan

In March of this year I wrote about the drug treatment I get for my bone condition, Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I got to talk about how this treatment of Zometa has made me stronger and stronger over time. Every single time I get the treatment I see improvement not only in my day to day health, but also my overall bone density. It isn’t rocket science to assume that thicker or denser bones would be harder to break – you know, exactly the intended result of this treatment. I won’t know the exact figure on how my bones are doing until my next (as of my knowledge currently unscheduled) body scan, but I know that I am getting stronger.

This is true as we move ever closer to two years removed from the broken leg that began all of this in July of 2013. We will essentially be reaching the year and a half mark sooner than I had realized. The thought that I would progressively have OI be less and less of a part of my life was a dream. Now it appears that it will, quite possibly, be a reality.

OI will always really be a part of me, as much as my health improves. I don’t want that to change – I’m not the same man I am today without it and I love my life too much to want that to differ. Instead, the thought that the routine fractures of my bones could be coming to an all important end is among the greatest gifts that I could ever be given.

I will always have to be careful in life to make sure that my current count of 10 broken bones (although I count a probably wrist fracture as 11th) stays where it is, but to know that my body is making strides to make the safety net under me all the larger and softer is incredible. I champion the persona of Unbreakable because I think I am. Progressively I am getting closer to that being a reality.

Needless to say, today is a great day.