Saving Cereals

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By: Connor Lenahan

The internet is an awesome place. For all the craziness and in-fighting that it both creates and continues it can be home to some truly amazing things. One large benefit is the ability for insane people to voice their dissatisfaction with certain products being discontinued – you know, me. It also has lead to the resurrection of some food stuffs. My life has been greatly improved by the return of Cherokee Red soda during my final year of high school. Soon there will be a similar uptick due to the just-announced return of French Toast Crunch. That’s right, the superior companion cereal to Cinnamon Toast Crunch is on it’s way back into stores. My favorite breakfast meal will soon be portable and a trillion times less sticky. I’m telling you, the internet is an amazing place sometimes.

But why stop here? Why just use our collective, hungry power this one time. Now is the time to strike. If we can do this, we can accomplish the impossible. That’s right, we’ve got to bring back Oreo O’s.


There aren’t many times that you can make a world changing impact but dammit this is one of them. Days will be brighter, dogs cuter, and breakfasts filled with more cookies. If you are against this cause then I cannot stand to occupy the same air as you. Get up, get loud, and get hungry. It’s time to fight the good, delicious fight. Give me Oreo O’s or give me Wonder Balls.