Terrier Toddlers


By: Connor Lenahan

I am old. Like, really old.

Today was the day that the kids who decided to apply early decision for Boston University found out whether or not they got in. I vividly remember this day two years ago when I realized I would be forever identified as a Terrier. I remember frantically refreshing my Twitter to see if the decisions had come out. I remember waiting and waiting for the ApplicantLink to put up my letter. I remember rereading the opening paragraph despite the first word being “Congratulations!” I wasn’t sure that I was reading it correctly. The pessimistic center of the brain convinced me it was a cruel joke. Congrats, you suck, we wouldn’t ever let you come here. Also, you smell distinctly of meat and cheese.

Thankfully, aside from the commentary on my scent (a rich combination of genoa salami and swiss) I was wrong. I was a Terrier. I still am today. Last year I had the same sudden rush of nostalgia and excitement yet again. I didn’t know any of the kids in the incoming (and now current) freshman class. Now I do and they are some of my best friends. My girlfriend is a member of that class. It’s easy to recognize that I have positive association with our puppies. I know that I will yet again, despite knowing none of the latest litter beyond my friend John Czubek, who was two years behind me at Abington Heights High School.

This also reminded me that I am quickly moving through school. This time next week I will be finished with my third semester in Boston. Time flies when you love where you are at. It’s obvious if you’ve ever met me, or read this website, that I am head over heels in love with BU. I want to share that feeling. I want to make that true of all those people that were in the same state of excited shock that I was two years ago earlier today. Hell, I still want to make that true for everyone that is here currently. This is a place that allows dreams to come true and incredible things to happen. BU is magical in every sense of the term.

On behalf of all us Terriers, past and present, welcome to the best decision you’ve ever made.