Controversial Sandwiches


By: Connor Lenahan

There are few things that incite genuine rage within me more than people being blatantly wrong and disrespectful. WatchMojo did both. They recently released a list entitled “Top 10 Greatest Sandwiches.” This, I thought, would be fun. WatchMojo lists are terrific. They normally provide healthy debates on topics for fun. Ultimately they get many things right.

They immediately handcuffed the conversation by removing sub sandwiches and chain burgers from the list. Therefore the Big Mac does not count, nor does the Baconator. This made me mad enough, but still, I was willing to listen.

That was what they went with. Seriously. WatchMojo is insane and wrong. Let’s get this straight. Here’s the real top 10.

10. Literally anything except for PB&J

9. Breakfast Sandwich

8. BLT

7. Club

6. Cuban

5. Pulled Pork

4. Ham and Cheese

3. Philly Cheesesteak

2. Lobster Roll

1. Grilled Cheese

Come at me if you want to argue this.