Super Bowl 8 – Week 15


By: Connor Lenahan

Well, that was anticlimactic. It’s had to argue that our championship matchup, the Oklahoma City Lions and the Minnesota Buzzsaws, is the wrong one. This is because both teams won their Final Four matches decisively. I mean decisively.

Thanks to a garbage fire-esque game from Aaron Rodgers, as well as the loss of both starting running backs before the game, the Waverly Chargers had no chance against an otherworldly Minnesota team. They didn’t even crack 700 points. It’s hard to see this as surprising. The running backs who were thrust into play, Juwan Thompson and Travaris Cadet, combined for fifteen points. Aaron Rodgers was going to have to win the game, and in all actuality – the title, by himself if the Chargers were going to pull this off. The Bills had other plans. This is not to look past yet another great game for the Buzzsaws. After a while it just becomes tough to come up with new ways to say “Well, Minnesota is probably going to win the league outright unless someone goes to jail.”

But now things get interesting. Sean’s Minnesota team has only fallen twice this year. Once in Week 13 in an, in retrospect, amazingly good loss to Seattle which caused Minnesota to take an easier path to the title from the #2 seed than the #1. The other, however, came quite a while ago. Specifically in Week 5… to Oklahoma City. That’s right, out of everyone the Buzzsaws have to deal with the only team that’s been able to tag them and score a KO.

OKC looked really, really good against Houston. The Extreme finally turned cold after two huge weeks and were largely a non factor by the Monday Night Game featuring Lions QB Drew Brees. Brees turned a previously competitive matchup into a blowout, dropping north of 500 on the Bears.

So what happens now? This is it. This is for all the marbles. Literally, the winner of this game will be receiving marbles in addition to the trophy – which as of now does not have a name (help me find one here).

Here’s how the matchup plays out:

Position – OKC – Minnesota

QB – Drew Brees vs. Tom Brady

RB1 – DeMarco Murray vs. Matt Forte

RB2 – Eddie Lacy vs. Mark Ingram

Flex – Sammy Watkins vs. Lamar Miller

WR1 – Marques Colston vs. Antonio Brown

WR2 – Harry Douglas vs. Mike Wallace

TE – Travis Kelcie vs. Coby Fleener

K – Matt Bryant vs. Adam Vinatieri

Seriously, either of these teams could win. It’s going to be a coin flip. Right now ESPN has the line on the game set with Oklahoma City (!!!) being favored by 45. That’s close, and will most certainly change depending on how DeMarco Murray’s hand plays out. Regardless, this should be a fun one. If we are lucky, maybe this one will go into overtime, Week 17, just like last year.


Our draft order for 2015 is almost complete:

1. New Orleans Tigers (2-11)

2. New York Titans (3-10)

3. Chicago Hitmen (4-8-1)

4. Pittsburgh Spikes (5-8)

5. Philadelphia Panthers (6-7)

6. Las Vegas High Rollers (6-7)

7. Washington Senators (6-7)

8. Denver Blaze (6-6-1)

9. Miami Typhoons (7-6, #7 Seed)

10. Kansas City Killers (7-6, #6 Seed)

11. Green Bay Blizzard (6-5-2, #5 Seed)

12. Seattle Rage (11-2, #1 Seed)

13. Houston Extreme (7-6, #8 Seed)

14. Waverly Chargers (8-5, #3 Seed)

15. OKC/MIN – Loser

16. OKC/MIN – Winner

Next week we will look back at the season and hand out our yearly awards.