Some Sunny Day


By: Connor Lenahan

Whenever a show comes to an end there is a legitimate conversation about how the ending should come about. Do they want to just run out the clock? Do they want to wrap everything in a bow? Do they want to break from convention to say a proper goodbye?

It’s always up to the people behind the show. Just a few nights ago Stephen Colbert needed to figure out how he was going to end The Colbert Report for good. There were hundreds upon hundreds of ways he could have gone about it. But that third option above looked to be the choice for Colbert. He noted that, given that his character on the show had now become (in context) immortal, anything was possible. Therefore the audience should never say never. He insisted that we all would meet again.

I have had the song above stuck in my head since it first came on. There have been few more beautiful send offs than this. Stephen Colbert is and always will be a special talent. He’s someone that deserves eternal celebration and respect. To see so many people – seriously, everyone was there – was heartwarming. It showed that, despite his persona as a blowhard, the world knew that Colbert was the best. Someone that had earned their respect forever.

Colbert gave his final send off out of character – the first time he has done so on the show.


He stuck the landing and then some. An amazing sendoff for an amazing show. Here’s a tip of the hat, Stephen, from all of us.