The Champion – Week 16

Super Bowl XLIV

By: Connor Lenahan

We’ve reached the end. The man holding the trophy over his head is the man who got to take the first pick of players this past August, Andrew Rebensky. More importantly, the champion is not Sean Albright, who lost his second Championship game in three years.

This was, in all, a terrific season yet again. Exciting, entertaining, antagonistic, and no one makes the case that the champion was not deserving. There isn’t much more to be asked for from a season – other than a title for me, but still.

Congratulations to the Oklahoma City Lions and Andrew Rebensky on their first championship. Now to see if they can do it from the last pick after doing it from the first.

Thank you all for joining us this season, possibly the best in league history. We will see you again here on Unbreakable next August for coverage of the 2015 season.

From all of us at the XFL, thank you for a wonderful year.