The Boys Are Back


By: Connor Lenahan

I have watched way better on television, that’s a given. But in terms of pure entertainment, I’m not sure much comes close to Entourage. I spent a large part of my summer in Boston re-watching the series yet again, loving the fact that I’d be able to watch six episodes in a row without issue. It’s escapism at it’s finest. I mean, look at what the show is dealing with.

Vincent Chase is the most bamboozling movie star of all time – I’m a god awful actor, but even I have more range than Vinny (and Adrian Grenier), he just has a better chin. Eric Murphy is adorable, pathetic, and heroic all in one as a fellow pint-sized Irishman. Johnny Drama and Turtle are Johnny Drama and Turtle. Ari Gold remains in my top ten favorite characters in all of television to these days and the catalyst for a possible future as a talent agent. The show is about friends who act like teenagers, only one of them is a superstar and they can afford matching Ferraris and make out with celebrities. I’m sorry, what part of me is supposed to hate this show? Plus they hang around Beverly Hills, making the show into borderline Travel Porn. Again, it’s not playing on the same level as Breaking Bad, per say, but as a purely escapist piece of entertainment, Entourage is amazing.

That’s why the reveal of the trailer for the upcoming Entourage movie – no, seriously, there’s a movie – today made me both excited and nervous. After all, would the show/movie attempt to be more serious than the HBO series had been? Was this going to be an overall disappointment?

Then I watched the trailer.

I will go on record now with the following: Sometime around this week in 2015 I will most likely be putting up a “Five Favorite Films of 2015” article, and I can promise you that this movie will be on it. Rob Gronkowski drinking out of a beer bong. Yachts. Convertibles. Ari punching kitties. This is going to be amazing.