By: Connor Lenahan

My original goal for 2014 was to see if I could write an article every day for the entire year. With the sentence you are currently reading this goal has been accomplished. This experiment, the whole daily Unbreakable posting thing, has proved to be successful on a few levels. First, I have had an incredible amount of fun looking for different things to share with friends and family members this year. The whole concept of having to find something different every day was an incredibly enjoyable challenge. Second, and most importantly, the unbelievable amount of positive reaction that the blog has received makes me happy beyond words. Hopefully I have been able to entertain and/or inform you this year. That was and is my goal. It’s fun for me and looks like it has been fun for others as well. With that in mind I have two things for you.

1. Who said the streak was going to end? I’m far from finished with daily posting. You can bank on Unbreakable going on every day of 2015. I don’t want to stop any time soon. If I had it my way this article will be the exact halfway mark for my streak of 730 straight articles by 12/31/15. In the words of Kevin Garnett, “Anything is Possible.”

2. In order to best look back at what was a really, really weird year I have gone through the site and picked some articles that struck me as some of my personal favorites, some that were widely read, some meaningful to me, and finally some of the ones that made me laugh the hardest.

With this in mind, here’s the Unbreakable 2014 Year in Review.


Drake  @ Barclays

Revelations – 1/1/14

This was the article that got us all into this mess where we stand now. Even now, twelve months removed from writing it, I still remember this one being especially important. Needed to talk openly about some things – something I’ve used Unbreakable for a lot. This one set a lot up for the year to come.

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My Brothers – 1/5/14

This was when I became even closer than before to our Boston University Basketball team. One of the happiest days of my year.


The Discovery – 2/4/14

This still remains one of my favorite stories in the “Of Course This Would Happen to Me” category. Because why else would I accidentally get the President’s signature?


The Shopping Cart – 2/24/14

Even though I got an explanation of why I found a shopping cart in a dorm elevator I am still confused about this entire incident.


The Article – 3/3/14

Still one of the most overwhelming days of my life in the best way possible. People really are the best.


Honoring a Legend – 3/6/14

2014 will always make me at least a little upset when I remember we lost actors like Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman, the legend in question. Hoffman is my favorite actor, my lookalike, and amazing in the video tribute.



Parade Day, Nelly, and American Pride – 3/15/14

I still think that a radio station playing “Hot in Herre” on loop for days on end is one of the greatest things that happened this year.


Meeting Gambino – 3/31/14

I ended up seeing Childish Gambino in concert three times in 2014. Each time was amazing, but only one of the concerts ended with me getting to shake the man’s hand and giggle excitedly for weeks on end. Side note: I didn’t write about it this year, but I also met Waka Flocka Flame this year, cementing my life as the most random thing possible.


Confusion – 4/13/14

“No one can really steal a wheelchair, so this is never a concern for me.” – Verbatim quote from this article.


Pride – 4/17/14

I am still happy every single day about this story. Couldn’t be happier to have gotten to know Andy and Kyle and their mom this year. This isn’t just a 2014 highlight, this is a forever highlight.


Stolen Wheelchair – 4/22/14

Nine days after that quote from “Confusion.” Seriously.


The Floor – 5/7/14

Six C of Warren Towers will forever be the greatest floor in human history.


The King – 5/16/14

Brad Rutter has won more money on Jeopardy than anyone else in history. He has also never lost a game on the show. He also direct messaged me on Twitter within hours of this article going up. I cannot possibly explain how happy this made/makes me.


The Door – 5/22/14

Remember that time I locked myself inside of my own room. I do.


Evil Meal – 5/31/14

That new kid’s meal box at McDonald’s is really the MVP for all of 2014. There is no other choice.


365 Days – 6/4/14

Went a year without breaking anything, a streak that is also still going today.


The Governor’s Ball Diary: Day 1 – 6/7/14

This is better know as “That Time I Sat Onstage for OutKast’s Headlining Set.” Related: OutKast is my personal artist of the year for 2014.


Trains – 7/15/14

I wrote this article simply as a way to share my experience with Thomas the Tank Engine. I could not have imagined that it would become the fourth most read thing on this website. I’m still overjoyed that this was able to reach other Thomas fans the world over.


The Bracket of Me – 7/27/14

I’m not sure there were many articles more fun to write than this one this year. Be on the lookout for more in this line of thinking in 2015.


Blanket – 8/18/14

I love my baby blanket and still sleep with it under my head every night.


The Simpsons Bracket: Day 1 – 8/21/14

If I worked as hard as I did on this bracket with my school work I would be a 4.0 student at Harvard. Still my favorite project of the year.


Adjustments – 9/8/14

I still stand by this as a critical lesson for all new college students to learn. It helped me and many more I know.


My Hero – 9/18/14

BILL SIMMONS!! (Sorry, still pumped about this.)


My Boo – 9/20/14

Laura LaBrecque is the best thing to happen to me all year.


The Problems of Crossing Over – 9/29/14

I’m not sure I ever got more angry in 2014 than I did from this single episode of television. When I rage write 3000 words on an episode of Family Guy you know it’s real.


Target’s Coming – 10/13/14

What I learned in 2014: Holy wow people really love Target. This was read, like, 900 times the day I posted it.



The Greatest Commercial Ever – 10/19/14

I’m still working on getting one of these bears so I too can play with Russell Wilson.




Dessert Fusions – 11/3/14

I really like food, okay?


Ball is Life – 11/17/14

Some of the most special people in my life and an unbelievable experience too.


Power Up – 11/24/14

Getting stronger never felt so good.


Over the Garden Wall – 12/4/14

My favorite TV show of 2014 in a year that had a lot of great contenders. I cannot and will not shut up about how amazing this is.


The Present – 12/30/14

The best gift I have ever gotten from the best friends and girlfriend a man could ask for.

That’s the year. I’m out. See you tomorrow for the beginning of the second year of daily posting.

Thank you forever,

Connor Lenahan